Terms & Conditions

Set out below is a non-exhaustive summary only of certain important terms contained in the Entry Contract. In the event of any conflict between the summary below and the Entry Contract, the terms of the Entry Contract shall take precedence.

1. All persons visiting the property of Nottingham (the Racecourse) are admitted subject to these Regulations and to the Rules of Racing. The Racecourse reserves the right to refuse admission or expel without prior notice, any racegoer who, in the reasonable opinion of the Racecourse, behaves or is likely to behave in an unruly manner or in a manner likely to give offence to other racegoers.

2. Tickets booked and sent by Standard Mail are at the customer’s risk. Special Delivery items do require a signature on receipt.

3. No refunds will be given for badges or tickets that are purchased and not required or used other than if racing is abandoned.

4. Nottingham may abandon racing:-

i. where so directed by the Jockey Club, the police or emergency services or their respective servants or agents; or
ii. in any emergency or other exceptional circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Nottingham.

In the event of racing being abandoned, refunds on badges or tickets will only be paid in the following circumstances:
i. Abandonment before completion of the first race – FULL REFUND
ii. Abandonment before the completion of the third or feature race, whichever is later – 50% REFUND


To obtain a refund:
a. If you purchased your tickets/badges/car park labels in advance via the ticket hotline (0844 579 3009), internet or post then you will receive an automatic refund via your original payment method.
b. If you purchased your tickets/badges/car park labels at Nottingham on the day, please send your tickets/badges to: Nottingham Racecourse, Colwick Park, Nottingham NG2 4BE.
c. If you purchased your tickets/badges/car park labels in advance directly at Nottingham and not by either of the above methods, then please send your tickets/badges to: Nottingham Racecourse, Colwick Park, Nottingham NG2 4BE.
d. If you were a hospitality client, please call 0870 850 7634

5. The Racecourse reserves the right to authorise the search of racegoers and/or their bags.

6. Mobile telephones may not be used for betting purposes anywhere on the Racecourse.

7. Flags, banners and other articles and any behaviour such as drunkenness, abusive conduct, singing or shouting which may constitute an annoyance to spectators or distract or frighten the horses are prohibited.

8. No dogs are allowed into the racecourse - unless for disability purposes.

9. Flashlight photography is not allowed anywhere on the Racecourse as it may distract or frighten horses.

10. Media coverage and recording for promotional purposes:
All Attendees (which for the purposes of this clause also includes horses and for the avoidance of any doubt includes families with children) are reminded that many races and fixtures are given coverage on television, radio and in print and various other forms of media. By entering the Racecourse Attendees are accepting they may appear in such coverage which may also include printed or electronic material used for the promotion of the Racecourse.

Accordingly, attendees shall have no right to object to their inclusion in any such coverage whether produced by the Racecourse or by third parties authorised by the Racecourse. Furthermore by entering the Racecourse each Attendee consents to the passing of still or moving images of them to third parties authorised by the Racecourse for the purposes of the production of printed or electronic material to be used solely for the Promotion of the Racecourse.

Each Attendee will give any additional consents or waivers required for the unrestricted lawful use of any coverage (if any) without request for payment or imposing any other conditions.

11. Dress Codes:
We always expect a reasonable level of dress however there are no strict rules for the Grandstand Enclosure. There is a smart casual dress code for the Premier Enclosure which stipulates no untidy attire, shorts, t-shirts, trainers or Fancy Dress. This dress code also applies for our Rooftop Restaurant and Hospitality Boxes. In hot weather we do allow tailored shorts within the Premier Enclosure. Collared Shirts and smart jeans will be permitted.

Anyone wearing untidy attire, shorts, sports clothing or Fancy Dress will be refused access, but please note we do not insist on jacket and ties. In hot weather we do allow tailored shorts within the Premier Enclosure * Please note that on Silver Racedays, dress code will not apply

12. Please observe the designated no drinking and no glassware areas.

13. Transfers between enclosures may be possible on the day, subject to availability.

14. Lost or stolen badges will not be replaced.

15. In the event of a breach of this contract by the Racecourse, the Racecourse shall not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense arising out of the breach which was not reasonably foreseeable by the Racecourse at the date of this contract, except in respect of death or personal injury resulting from any act or omission on the part of the Racecourse.

16. Unauthorised badge, ticket or racecard sellers or any hawkers will be removed from Company property.

17. Racegoers are required to conform to the instructions given by gate and/or security staff especially when crossing the racecourse. Course crossings will occasionally be closed as a matter of safety.

18. Only those individuals possessing a valid betting badge and occupying an authorised pitch are entitled to lay bets. Any person carrying out unauthorised bookmaking will be removed from the Racecourse.

19. No food or drink may be brought into the Premier enclosure.

20. The distribution of leaflets or any other advertising material within either the car parks or enclosures without prior written permission from the Racecourse is strictly forbidden and may result in legal action against any such offending parties.

21. Where stated, VAT is charged at 20%.

22. Following an advance ticket purchase either online or by phone with any of The Jockey Club’s 15 racecourses, customers will automatically be registered with (and have the credit / debit card which they used for the purchase linked to) our unique loyalty programme, Rewards4Racing and will receive Rewards4Racing points for that purchase.

The Rewards4Racing loyalty programme is free to join and be part of and customers can collect valuable points when they make purchases with The Jockey Club, when betting online with Rewards4Racing’s betting partners, subscribing to racing partners such as the Racing Post and Racing UK and when shopping online with thousands of high street retailers. These valuable points will then be converted into cash to be spent online or by phone with any of The Jockey Club’s 15 racecourses, saving you ££’s off your next purchase with us. 

Once you have purchased from The Jockey Club, look out for your Rewards4Racing welcome email and be sure to activate your account! By joining Rewards4Racing, you will be notified of exclusive offers and account updates via email.

For full details of our fantastic loyalty programme and/or to view the full terms and conditions Rewards4Racing are governed by please click here

Should a customer of The Jockey Club wish to opt out of Rewards4Racing, they may do so at any time by emailing Rewards4Racing at admin@rewards4racing.com.

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